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Waco, Texas, April 3, 1993
within a few miles of the Branch Davidian home/church, 16 days before the final assault.

Eye witness account of the events pictured below,
plus the Call to Waco that brought the people here.

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Above and below: at or near the first roadblock.

Below, why are the DPS and Waco police here? Whose side they are on, the feds or the people of Texas?.

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Above and below: a circling helicopter, complete with heavily armed occupants. You can see their legs dangling out of the closer photos. I made out the letters "FBI" on some of their suits. I think some of the occupants deployed into the field after the helicopter landed (see below).
Below, rightmost picture: This fellow deserves special note: in a discussion with a member of our party, he said he was a Viet Nam vet, and when our fellow said he hoped we would not be on opposite sides in the future, the ATF guy said: "you better keep your head down."
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Above and below: various jack-booted thugs, mostly heavily armed. We wore arm bands stating: "unarmed patriot."

  Below: Mr. Keep-Your-Head-Down, again.

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Above and below:  This is the field along Frazier Road.  From here we could barely see the tower and flag waving in the breeze.   It was easier to see with binoculars.  I haven't been able to spot the tower in these pictures, since they were taken with a 110.

You probably can't tell, but Texas DPS officers are out there, shoulder to shoulder with the ATF. Perhaps they were there to protect the people of  Texas. Hopefully my occasional impressions were wrong, but there were times when it seemed they were there with the Feds against the people of Texas.

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Above left: a close-up of the flag flown while marching down
Frazier Road.


Right: Smile! Big Brother is watching you, on a very expensive video camera. This will be added to your FBI file. Ask Clinton for a copy watchyou-25.gif (19157 bytes)


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