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The length of the flag should be at least 1/4 the height of the pole. For example, a 40' pole requires a 6x10' flag or larger. This guideline applies to poles 20' and larger. Most residential flags are 3x5' or 4x6'. Most small industrial and commercial buildings use either a 5x8' or a 6x10' flag. Major industrial, municipal and government buildings require 8x12' and larger. However, the size of the pole is the determining factor.
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All our flags are made in the USA, and most of them are made by Annin & Co., which has been in business since 1847. All fabrics used in Annin flags are made to strict specifications developed from extensive research, testing and long experience. Now, with the addition of Dettra's resources, an even wider variety of materials are available to satisfy your most exacting set of standards. Annin's quality control insures that we can offer you, our customers, the best quality flags and banners. You can find cheaper flags, but not flags of higher quality.

Banner Satin--Featuring a rich elegant shine, high-gloss Banner Satin is the custom fabric of choice for single sided banners of simple design. Can be finished in a variety of ways. For indoor use only. Quantities limited to short runs.

Bulldog--Heavyweight cotton spun from sturdy 2-ply carded yarns. Vat dyed in limited colors. Bulldog fabric is most often used today when recreating an authentic historical look and feel of a time gone by. Replaces Defiance.

Colonial Nyl-Glo--Made from 100% SolarMax nylon, these flags feature flannel lined pole headings, Velcro tabs and Golden Yellow fringe. Brilliant luster and fast colors make it ideal for moderately priced Indoor Display or Parade Flags.

Det-Glo--This 4 oz. Knit Polyester material has an open weave and a high sheen, which makes it an ideal material for custom Boat Flags and Avenue Banners. Strong and sturdy Det-Glo has a high-gloss look and resilient memory stretch.

Empire Brand--Lustrous silk-like Polyester, Empire brand Flags are Anco-dyed in brilliant colors from 4x6 inches up through 24x36 inches.

Nyl-Glo--Describes flags made of 100% SolarMax nylon for outdoor use. Featuring white Polyester Duck heading and brass grommets. Strong and durable, special parachute cloth treatment reduces sun and chemical deterioration.

Premier--100% Polyester filament, all printed design. Sunfast, bright durable colors. Premier is Annin's trade name for flags used in some home sets. Currently offered in USA, Confederate Battle and State of Texas designs.

Reliance--Selected heavy cotton sheeting, dyed for Annin for maximum appearance values. An exceptional buy for the budget minded. Used mainly for USA Flags and Decorations.

Republic--A blend of polyester/cotton having a "hand" similar to Reliance. All printed 3x5 ft. USA pattern - used for home flag sets.

Tackle Twill--A heavyweight blend of 62% Rayon and 38% Cotton, its duplex finish (rich sheen on one side, matte on the other) makes it most appropriate for flags that will be viewed from one side only or for double construction flags.

Tough-Tex--2 Ply, 100% woven, spun Polyester, this is the most durable flag material ever created. With the look of cotton, Tough-Tex material was designed for Annin and engineered especially for industrial, commercial or institutional use or wherever severe climactic conditions exist. Accept no imitations.

Verona Brand--The popular stick-flag material made of heavy cotton. Color fast USA flags available in traditional spear tip or Saf-T-Ball style.

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